Singing Lessons – Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 – Breath)

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Gabriela Gunčíková – How Did She Learn To Sing Like That? Gabriela Shares Her Secret!

From a Small Village in the Czech Republic to the Concert Stages of Trans Siberian Orchestra and the World-Wide Eurovision Television Broadcast in front of over 200 Million Viewers! How Did She Do It?
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How to Sing Better in 4 Minutes

Learn how to sing better in under 5 minutes.






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Singing Lessons – Vocal Warm Up Exercises (PART 1 of 3)

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How to Learn To Sing On Your Own – How to Stay in Tune When Singing

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If you can talk you can sing! It’s been proven!

Many are not blessed with the ability to sing naturally, but then others are. If you possess that blessing, then you can always improve on it. If you were not as fortunate, then there are a few things you should know. The 3 vitals in singing are:

1. Strategic and precise technique

2. The way you rehearse, and your application of technique along with the dedication to your progress

3. Understanding that Vibrato and Pitch are at the core of ones ability or inability in learning to sing.

Most people that want to learn how to sing only considers the voice itself. Let us not ignore the complete vocal equipment package, which consist of several other key components. The trunk or torso, the diaphragm, lungs, Larynx, neck, hard and soft palates, the head, nose, tongue lips and teeth are all essential components.

Other factors to consider are proper breathing techniques, projection from the diaphragm or breathing muscle, and breath control (airflow / phrasing). Pitch recognition, tone generation – manipulation and control, proper usage of words, vowels, syllables and consonants. The study of intervals, such as chromatics/half steps, whole steps, scales and arpeggios, rhythmic study, along with a digital metronome and various voice exercises to lock in your timing. Range and register routines to condition and expand your vocal range. More factors to include are the unique study of riffs, runs, and embellishments, which are added to the trained voice for ones own vocal signature or style. It’s what truly makes the voice unique!

These are the primary sequential steps in the proper order when learning to sing on your own.

Your expressions of emotion play the other crucial role in your voice training. Emoting or conveying expression while singing is a must. There is nothing that is more boring than falling asleep on someone performing because they stand and hold the microphone and display all the emotion of a rock. NOT GOOD!

In considering singing, it is just as important to determine your destination. Are you learning to sing just for the fun of it or do you plan to make a career of it? This is the choice which will determine your commitment to this craft. Obviously, the passing notion will require little if any serious commitment and conversely, the pursuit of a career in singing will entail another completely different thought process and commitment altogether.

Singing professionally will eventually require that you obtain voice coaching or instruction from a reputable voice coach. If indeed this is your pursuit, please try to locate a voice coach or instructor who has a proven track record and is well established. Being referred from someone who has personal experience and first hand knowledge would be your best bet. I personally get new students all the time from referrals of my current students. They each had the universal complaint about feeling their time and money had been wasted because they hadn’t done the proper research and investigating before they put their trust in a idiot to teach them to sing. If the process of locating a qualified, reputable voice instructor does not bear fruit, then online singing lessons may be another option for you.

There are reputable instructors online who provide CD sets with full vocal instruction. For the sake of learning at your own pace and convenience, being at home to develop your voice would be very advantageous at a very reasonable and relatively inexpensive cost. You must be careful when choosing an online program as well. You are trying to stay away from programs which contain out-dated methods and non-genuine instruction techniques. Be very careful!

If you are truly serious about singing and happen to accomplish your goals in locating a voice coach and receive proper instruction, it would benefit you greatly to be able to showcase your voice.

One way to do this is to record an inexpensive demo- CD. This would technically be your vocal resume to be presented to management companies, record labels, publishing, and production companies along with many other outlets to obtain maximum exposure for your vocal prowess.

Whether you are a beginner singer or have been singing for quite some time, the following learn to sing secrets can benefit just about all who love to sing. Learning how to sing better requires a commitment on your part to practicing, seeking to improve and learning different techniques that will enhance your singing voice.

How To Sing For Beginners – 8 Important Better Singing Tips Before Going To Lessons –

Looking to improve your singing voice? Check out the video above for great singing tips online to include in your practice routine, and also check out the site above for professional singing lessons so you can teach yourself to sing without wasting lots of cash on a private tutor (at first, anyway).

There’s kids lessons as well as adult lessons. The lessons there are applicable to both, because they’re designed to be simple to understand. You can get a few free online lessons at the site to start with, too.

You really just need to know what to practice, a mic to listen to yourself if necessary, and lots of practice – I think that’s the secret on how to sing better and become a great vocalist (not much of a secret, I know). And you can save yourself money for a private vocal lessons teacher at least at the beginning. How much are the lessons? They can run anywhere from 30-60$ per hour, depending on an vocal instructor. With private lessons you can get a great teacher and luck out, but it’s not necessary for your entire career. You might need vocal coaching at some point to help resolve problems, but you don’t necessarily need one at the beginning. As long as you know what to learn and what to practice, you can get cheap lessons that don’t cost 200$/month.

Hope this video helps you out a lot, and make sure you see the training at the link I mentioned as well! Good luck, and I hope you learn to sing fast! I have a vested interest in the training at the link by the way, they are really well done and can help you. Enjoy!

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